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Welcome To The Practice of Dr. David S. Balle

Today’s cosmetic dermatology treatments can give you back that fresh glow. Once you make the decision to explore the benefits of cosmetic dermatology, it’s important to find a trusted, expert doctor to explain the process and perform the treatments. Dr. Balle is a medical doctor who is board certified in Dermatology. This is a prestigious credential that not all doctors have. He provides the latest and most comprehensive medical and cosmetic treatments to patients in the Grosse Pointe and Sterling Heights, MI area. Dr. Balle offers the fillers and treatments you’ve heard about: Juvaderm®, Radiesse®, Sculptra®, Botox®, and many others.

With a passion for Dermatology, Dr. Balle provides patients with the highest quality of care to ensure that the health and look of their skin is at its best. He also specializes in a wide range of minimally invasive anti-aging skin treatments.

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